xa-speakers.org - A HUGE warehouse of recovery speaker tapes

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These guys rule
Has allowed me to download a ton of "speaker tapes" and give them to newcomers. If you like (or don't like) old-school AA try listening to Chris R "The Edge"

Search for "chris r edge" at www.xa-speakers.org and tell me what you think. - proFeign - profeign , posted 07/17/06
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Speaker Up
This is an excellent source for speaker recordings. They are MP3 format (relatively small file sizes) and they are FREE! Enjoy - RK , posted 08/05/05
Speaker UP!!
Here ya go, kids; a huge warehouse of speaker tapes, panels and entire convention tapes for AA, NA, CA, Alanon, OA and more. All free to download and compiled lovingly by a fellow member!

Pass it on!

www.xa-speakers.org/ - gÃNgst€® Bo¥s¢oUt , posted 06/03/05

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